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The season of 2018/19

Colossal classics and stars of the stage

Welcome to a spectacular and varied season 2018-2019, that presents world-class soloists, attentive conductors, exciting collaborations, cross-over concerts and continued efforts on the successful Allan Pettersson Project, just to mention a few things.

Vienna Classics, Brahms and new music

An unrivaled way to develop the symphony orchestra as an ensemble is to play Vienna classics, which will be noted in next year’s program. The line with Vienna classics is followed up with “Our Brahms”, as Brahms’s four symphonies will be performed under the leadership of Karl-Heinz Steffens. Parallel to this, contemporary composers are highlighted, such as Benjamin Staern, Britta Byström and Lisa Streich.


Among last season’s successful conductors, Christian Kluxen, Ola Rudner, Stefan Solyom, Christian Lindberg and Rafael Payare have been re-invited. Among new acquaintances can be mentioned Karen Kamensek, Evan Rogister, Dalia Stasevska, Anja Bihlmaier, Joshua Weilerstein, Taavi Oramo and Karl-Heinz Steffens.

Soloists and Artist in Residence

On the solo side, among many others, three world stars are featured: barintone Peter Mattei, who starts the season with Mahler and soprano Malin Byström in the work of Britta Byström and the pianist Kirill Gerstein in Brahm’s first Piano Concerto. We have focused on the young violinist Johan Dalene as Artist in Residence, and among the symphony orchestra’s own musicians you find as soloist Filip Draglund in Benjamin Staern’s trumpet concerto Surprise! and Delphine Constantin Reznik in Pratté‘s Harp Concerto.

The Allan Pettersson Project

The award-winning and successful Pettersson Project continues and in March, Symphony No. 12, The Dead on the Square, will be performed with Eric Ericson’s Chamber Choir and The Swedish Radio Choir, all under the conductor Christian Lindberg. This will be the first performance of the symphony in Norrköping.

Chelsea Hotel

With the concert Chelsea Hotel, SON, together with the conductor and arranger Hans Ek, illuminates the innovative music that was born in the historic New York City hotel. Music by Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchel, Patti Smith, Leonard Cohen and others who all have stayed at the Chelsea Hotel will be performed here by Moneybrother, Sofia Karlsson and Annie Angel.

So again, very welcome to all our concerts, in the Louis de Geer Concert Hall in Norrköping and the Crusell Concert Hall in Linköping.


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