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Gramophone praises Pettersson cd

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The world famous magazine lauds the recording of symphonies nos 5 and 7.

19 June 2018

​In the July issue of the well-known British music magazine Gramophone publishes a review of the Norrköping SO recording of Allan Pettersson’s symphonies nos 5 and 7. The praise is overwhelming:

“The Norrköping players are once again on superb form, responding to Lindberg’s advocacy just as keenly; but then this music is in their blood.”

“Simply wonderful”

The author also writes that conductor Christian Lindberg’s understanding of Pettersson’s work is deeper than any previous interpreter’s, and goes on to commend the orchestral balance in both symphonies.

“Simply wonderful”, is the final comment.

The project

The recording of the fifth and seventh symphonies is part of the successful Allan Pettersson project, a collaboration between the Norrköping SO, conductor Christian Lindberg and record company BIS Records that started in 2013. The project’s goal is to record all of the Allan Petterson symphonies, and other works have been added over the years.


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