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Available positions

Available positions at Scenkonst Öst AB.

In light of the current concerns about COVID 19 the Norrkoping Symphony Orchestra has decided to postpone the audition for violin 2 tutti, double bass tutti and solo horn. The vacancies will be announced again later.


Norrköping Symphony Orchestra (SON) is part of Scenkonst Öst, an umbrella organization that also comprises the regional theatre company Östgötateatern and the youth theatre company ung scen/öst. The organization is owned by the regional government of the county of Östergötland and the municipalities of Norrköping and Linköping.

The purpose of Scenkonst Öst is to promote and contribute to the development of cultural life and cultural heritage in Östergötland as well as to help strengthen the county’s attractiveness.

Norrköping Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1912 as Norrköping’s orchestra association. Today, the company has a turnover of approximately 100 MSEK per year and has about 100 permanent employees, both musicians and other professional groups. In 2017, SON gave 93 concerts. The orchestra includes 85 musicians, of which 82 are permanently employed.

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